Solutions for Progress 

Firm Overview

Robertson-Bryan, Inc. (RBI) is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm of scientists and engineers with expertise in water and power resource planning, wastewater regulations and engineering, water quality, aquatic and terrestrial biological resources, and regulatory compliance. The firm draws on years of proven consulting and research experience to simultaneously address technical, economic, and regulatory issues, and to provide timely and effective solutions for resolving interrelated resource concerns. Well-established relationships with resource agencies, water and irrigation districts, municipalities, and other public and private organizations throughout the state are a testament to the firm's ability to develop effective solutions that satisfy competing interests.

Firm History and Vision

Robertson-Bryan, Inc. (RBI) was founded in 2000, by Mr. Stuart Robertson and Dr. Michael Bryan. Stuart and Mike found they had the shared vision of creating a firm that housed both engineering and environmental departments under one roof with the mission of fulfilling their client's needs by providing outstanding, innovative, and responsive services yielding cost-effective solutions that could be successfully implemented. In pursuit of this mission over the years, they have hired a select group of highly educated and experienced scientists and engineers to best solve the increasingly complex issues facing their clients today. It was with intention that RBI has remained a small business to better provide clients with personal attention from highly skilled and experienced staff and owners, many of whom are industry leaders in their respective disciplines. Today, Robertson-Bryan, Inc. is a successful and thriving multi-disciplinary consulting firm that has built a reputation for combining sound scientific principles with innovative and creative approaches to meet their client's needs throughout California. These innovations have yielded enduring solutions, providing RBI clients with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. The team that RBI has assembled to accomplish this consists of engineers and scientists with expertise in water quality; CEQA/NEPA; regulatory compliance; water resource modeling; water and power resource planning, design and management; energy utility planning and management; aquatic and terrestrial resources; as well as environmental and regulatory services for water, wastewater, and stormwater projects.