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RBI offers extensive expertise and experience in stormwater management services, including assisting Phase I and Phase II Municipal Separate Stormwater Sewer Systems (MS4) dischargers with negotiating and securing NPDES permits and waste discharge requirements; management and assessment of stormwater programs and stormwater best management practices (BMPs); design of special studies to assess instream effects of discharges; and development of regulatory compliance strategies. A large part of RBI’s success is our reputation in working with Regional Board staff to alleviate unreasonable monitoring burdens and in streamlining time-intensive annual reporting, thus directing a greater portion of stormwater program resources to effective on-the-ground activities targeted at priority stormwater quality concerns. RBI has also assisted various MS4s in review and comment on potential 303(d) listings for pesticides, thus limiting their scope and reach, and on the Delta methylmercury TMDL, resulting in higher waste load allocations (WLA) with which the MS4 could comply through BMP implementation.

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Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Phase I MS4 Report of Waste Discharge and Permit Negotiations
  • Storm Water Management Plans
  • Program Effectiveness Assessments 
  • Receiving Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment
  • TMDL Waste Load Allocation (WLA) Compliance Assessments
  • BMP Effectiveness Assessments
  • Phase II MS4 Program Assistance