Solutions for Progress 

Phase I MS4 Stormwater Management Program Support

The Port of Stockton is a Phase I Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4), and RBI currently provides the Port of Stockton comprehensive management and oversight services for their stormwater program for compliance with their NPDES permit. RBI provides official representation on behalf of the Port of Stockton’s stormwater program at Central Valley Water Board (CVWB) meetings, and is responsible for directly negotiating with CVWB stormwater and TMDL staff on permit and program-related issues. RBI manages the production/revision of the Port of Stockton’s Storm Water Management Plan, Annual Work Plan, and Annual Report. The standardized format RBI has crafted for these documents directly and clearly conveys the intended material, yet the revised format has also streamlined the production of subsequent documents as well as minimizing costs. Additionally, RBI has implemented a permit-defined process for screening constituents for removal from routine monitoring, a process which involved compiling and comparing analytical data to receiving water objectives and other applicable benchmarks.  To date, RBI has eliminated more than 50% of constituents from routine monitoring. RBI coordinates with contract laboratories for water quality and toxicity monitoring events, reviews analytical and bioassay reports, and communicates results to the Port of Stockton’s Environmental Manager and to operations and maintenance staff for the purpose of refining BMP implementation. RBI plans and directs toxicity identification testing as needed when receiving water samples test positive for toxicity.