Solutions for Progress 

Environmental Permitting for Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion and Upgrades

RBI has assisted the Ironhouse Sanitary District (ISD) with environmental compliance, NPDES permit acquisition, and environmental permitting projects since 2007 for its municipal wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) that serves the communities of Oakley, Bethel Island, and outlying communities. RBI provided environmental permitting services for elements of the expansion and upgrade of the WWTP, in particular for the installation of a new outfall pipeline on Jersey Island and construction of a diffuser in the San Joaquin River. RBI assisted ISD in securing environmental permits to authorize the dredging and dredge-material disposal necessary to construct and install these new. RBI prepared the sampling and analysis plan for sediment and dredge material characterization, obtained a 401 water quality certification, and secured authorization under the Central Valley RWQCB’s general waiver of waste discharge requirements for dredge material disposal to land.