Solutions for Progress 

South Canal Diversion Fish Protection Project Expanded Feasibility Study and EIR

RBI is currently assisting Yuba County Water Agency (YCWA) by preparing an expanded feasibility study that will be utilized to evaluate the various South Canal fish screen alternatives. Upon completion of the expanded feasibility study, RBI will prepare an EIR, for the South Canal Diversion Fish Protection Project on the lower Yuba River to satisfy CEQA requirements. The South Canal Diversion has a capacity of 600 cfs and diverts up to approximately 450 cfs of water from the lower Yuba River for agricultural use on approximately 30,000 acres of land in south Yuba County. Currently, fish protection at the South Canal Diversion is provided by diverting water through a porous rock gabion barrier fitted with an additional internal fine-mesh barrier. Although this structure is intended to protect juvenile fish from becoming entrained into the canal, the level of protection has been questioned by National Marine Fisheries Service and California Department of Fish and Game staff. The project objectives are to construct a diversion facility that provides suitable protection for anadromous salmonids, maintain affordable and reliable deliveries of water to South Yuba County; and minimize long-term maintenance and repair costs associated with operation of the facility, particularly repair costs associated with potential flood damage. All alternatives would maintain the existing diversion capacity.