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Recycled Water Expansion
Feasibility Study

Recycled Water Expansion Feasibility Study

The majority of treated effluent from the City of Brentwood Wastewater Treatment Plant is currently discharged to Marsh Creek, a perennial stream located within the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, on a year-round basis. Recycled water is currently supplied to a small number of customers in the City. RBI conducted a feasibility study of expanding and maximizing recycled water use in the City of Brentwood. 

The City desired to evaluate the feasibility of maximizing the use of recycled water through conversion of customers who currently use potable water for irrigation, providing recycled water to current raw water customers, and expansion of recycled water to new non-potable customers. To determine the feasibility of these options, RBI evaluated regulatory and permitting considerations, including pros and cons of seeking coverage under a Master Reclamation Permit versus the General Irrigation Permit. In addition, RBI estimated irrigation demands for future customers, developed project alternatives and phases, and produced preliminary capital and O&M cost estimations for these alternatives. RBI also prepared an EPANET model of the City’s current non-potable distribution system infrastructure to assist in assessing the feasibility and cost of different alternatives.

RBI is also assisting the City with seeking funding opportunities. This includes both State and Federal grants as well as low-interest loans.